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Wind Scarf...
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Wind Scarf
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ION, RAIN PILLAR and WINDSCARF form the heart of the GEOLOGICAL COLLECTION, casting earth's elusive phenomena into earth's immortal art form. ION, forming the centerpiece of this triad, suspends one hundred pounds of bronze to literally hang in space from a mathematically calibrated one inch mortise. Delicate yet substantially weighty in its final bronze, WINDSCARF is also an illusion wherein Snowden gracefully inclines the entire figure to float from an internal pinned mortise, hanging seventy pounds of free formed bronze in mid air. RAIN PILLAR completes the trilogy, suspended from a floating mortise and within its composition, embraces the cycle of rain from sky to land to earth and heavenwards.

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dimensions 25" x 16" x 20"
edition size 100
media Limited Edition Bronze: signed and numbered
year produced N/A
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